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 The years 2001-2004

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At the turn of the century the Hertfordshire Association of Local History Groups asked villages to appoint a "recorder" to document events as they happened. 

In Kimpton, the events of 2000 are preserved in the “Millennium” tag on the “Our Past” page, but only four more years of records were kept.

In 2001 the main event was the unexpected and extremely distressing reappearance of the old River Kyme, which can be found under “Kimpton Flood” on our “Our Past” page.

The other main event that year was the end as a commercial site of the old Wren wheelwright’s on the High Street, for some years Walker’s Garage. Planning applications were received and discussed by the Parish Council.  The initial plan was for 7 "town houses" with one continuous roof line, and an arched access between the 3rd and 4th house leading to the rear of the properties.  By September 2001 the design of 7 town houses was finally approved which would consist of two separate terraces of three and four houses, which came to be called “Wheelwrights”.

Also in February 2001 the new vicar, Rev. Ken Buckler, was inaugurated and took up residence with his wife and son in the vicarage at 11 High Street.

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See also a photographic tour of the parish in the early 2000s



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Walker’s Garage, Kimpton High Street, just

before demolition

It was on the site of Wren’s garage, cycle,

and hardware shop, previously the family’s

wheelwright’s. This picture was taken c1930


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