Montage of four pictures of Kimpton believed to have been taken around 1910

The four pictures are together on one 21 cm by 14 cm (8.25 in by 5.75) sheet. They are reproductions of early postcards, printed on glossy photo quality paper. Each individual view is 10cm by 6.5cm

The views are as follows

Top Left - The High Street facing East showing the old Goat and Greyhound Pub signs

Top Right - The Eastern end of the High Street looking West towards the White Horses and the Two Brewers

Bottom Left - The West end of the village looking East

Bottom Right - The Green looking towards Church lane

COST £5 including postage and packing




Did you know that Blackmore End and Porters End have a fascinating history?

A new book brings to life:

¨ The days of the gentry and their servants in the Big House
¨ How they gained and spent their wealth
¨ The vanished road
¨ The Great War hospital
¨ The final days of the Big House
¨ Chickens and ponies - the "rural retreat" of 1930-1970
¨ Porters End Farm

The Legacy of the Baxendales

This illustrated book tells of the nineteenth-century couple who gave the area its present shape - Richard Birley Baxendale and his wife Gertrude, nee Chichester - and how their country estate became, after their deaths, firstly a Great War hospital and then the home of a rural community with a delight in country living.

It contains a wealth of research and photographs never before published, and runs to nearly 100 pages with over 30 illustrations. It will be available very shortly.

If you would like a copy please phone the author, Peter Hale, on 01438 832152 or email to:

It will also be on sale at the Kimpton May Festival, at the History Exhibition in Church House


May Festival Videos


A compilation of cine films from May Festivals 1970-1981 has been edited and transferred on to one videotape. This video includes:

All videos come with notes on the story of the May Festival and a list of all the May Queens since the first Festival in 1965.

 Further details from Catherine Tees on



Postcards of the tapestry are on sale at the Corner Stores on Claggy Road at 50p each or from Catherine Tees, email as above




Produced by a professional writer, the book is the story of the making of the tapestry and the people behind it.

Available at a price of £1 from Catherine, email address as above.




Kimpton Environmentalists have produced limited edition copies of the map displayed on the High Street to be sold at the May Festival.  The map is A2 size (equivalent to 4 sheets of A4 paper) and is a superb quality print, very suitable for mounting and framing.

Copies can be bought in advance at a cost of £5.00 (cheques payable to "Kimpton Environmentalists") from Catherine, email as above.