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Kimpton Church Kimpton Church Kimton Hoo Kimton Hoo
Ardnacombe, now  Little Priory, at bottom of Church Lane/High Street The Hoo, rear view about 1954 Kimpton School: with new Hall extension just completed on the site of the old Masters House which had been demolished. Ca 1967 Kimpton School: Ca 1967 Kimpton School with the builders in to add the extension at the east end for the assembly hall The Crescent Cottages, High Street, Ca 1940, (Walter Brydges delivering the newspapers)
Kimpton History: 1912, VCH A History of the County of Hertford edited by William Page, Part 24 Hitchin Hundred, Kimpton section only. Kimpton Hoo, from the front drive, Ca 1900 The White House, High St, Kimpton, Ca 1910, (before the roof was raised) Corner Hitchin Lane/High St, Kimpton, c1930, (Stone House and White Horse PH) Kimpton High Street, looking W, Ca 1900, (The Boot PH)
The thatched cottage, junction Claggy Road, High Street, Ca 1910 The Coleman family outside 98 High Street, West End, Ca 1910 The Commons, farm labourers cottages, Luton Road, Ca 1900 The Grange, Ca 1970 (the Vicarage up to 1882) The Vicarage, Hitchin Lane, built 1883, Ca 1970, (now private house)

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