The Kimpton History Group’s publications are now available for you to read online. Find out about the remarkable noble families at Kimpton Hoo, about the salt of the earth villagers of 19th Century Kimpton, and about the origins of Blackmore End and Porters End:


“Noble and Splendid”- the illustrated story of the Lords and Ladies of Kimpton Hoo. The Dacres and Hampdens were once some of England’s most wealthy and influential people, as well as being fascinating in their own right. (8MB)


“Aspects of Kimpton” - ordinary villagers from Kimpton as portrayed through the censuses of 1841 to 1901. Find out what former residents of the village did and how occupations changed over the years. With little gems like the travelling showmen, caught in Kimpton on census night. (1MB)


“Delightful and Bracing” - Blackmore End and Porters End. How a scion of the Baxendale family, owners of the Pickfords removal company, built a house at Blackmore End, how his family lived, how the house featured in the First World War, and how the present area developed. Plus wonderful old photographs of the former home farm at Porters End. (5MB)


Our archive of old Kimpton

Do your relatives, family or ancestors come from Kimpton in Hertfordshire?


Are you interested in family history in Kimpton?


The Kimpton History Group has an extensive archive of over 6,000 pictures and documents relating to all aspects of Kimpton’s past. You can search for all items and see copies of most.


Just click here for the catalogue, then just click on the link next to the item in the catalogue to see the archive item.


For copyright and technical reasons not all the items are available to view on the web at the moment but the catalogue contains the full list. This archive is for private study only and not for commercial use.


Please note that the catalogue is not organised by category, just by the order in which the items were loaded, so keep browsing!


The archive covers the whole of Kimpton parish including Blackmore End (the site of the Birley and Gertrude Baxendale family house and World War I Federated Malay States Hospital). The archive also includes information on The Hoo, home of the Brand family (Lord Dacre, Lord Hampden)  just over the boundary in the neighbouring parish of St Paul’s Walden.


For enquiries about the archive, or if you have any records, souvenirs, photographs or memorabilia that we could add to the archive, please contact John Pollington. We will return any original photographs if you are unable to send us copies.


For a sample of the photos in our archive click here for Photographic archive slide show

About Kimpton History Group:

Programme - Our 2013 programme of talks covers:

The Civil War

Ladies’ underwear in Letchworth (Spirella)

The River Lea

Wartime at the Air Ministry, Hughenden


And more..

Current projects


Contact: Juliet Morton

The group was formed in October 2002 and holds regular meetings in the Memorial Hall.

So far we have held several exhibitions in Church House, during the 2003 - 2011 May Festivals - these were very well attended and produced a huge amount of interest.

We have managed to create a map showing all the shops and businesses which existed in the middle of last century, based on the memories of some of the villagers who lived here at the time. This will be updated/amended when we gradually obtain more information. Please contact Juliet if you would like to see our map or can give us any information. We would like to know where businesses were located, but are particularly interested in people's memories of the characters who owned them.

Many of us are working on our own projects - these will be on-going and any information, photographs, anecdotes etc relating to them would be very much appreciated. Please contact the web-site email if you have any such information. The projects are listed below:

Aims of the Group

* To provide a forum for discussion research and sharing of information
* To provide a means whereby interest and awareness can be raised in the richness and importance of our local heritage
* To provide a central means of storing preserving and caring for village historical and contemporary material which can be accessible to the public
* To encourage the recording of visual and oral images and memories through photography and taped interviews
* To take appropriate care of such material given to the Group whether within the village or with the County Records Office

Annual Subscriptions (due January 1st)

Individual £10

Visitors welcome (charge at the door)

Some Current Local History Projects

Have you any information that might add to one of the projects below? Have you a project of your own we could include in the next newsletter?

Juliet Morton Chairman
Mike Gouldsborough Secretary
Keith Haynes Treasurer
John Pollington Member and archiving
Penny Pepper Member
Liz Bembridge
June Cardy
Tony Newton
Rita Swan

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